All-Electric Open House

By Judy Wicks at Beautiful Business (other events)

Thursday, May 19 2016 5:30 PM 7:30 PM EDT

Home of Judy Wicks, Fitler Square

(Address will be sent to participants once you have made a reservation)

Sponsored by Philadelphia Brewing Company

This event is free and only requirement is to register

After seeing the film Groundswell and traveling to Dimock, PA to see the effects of fracking first hand, Judy made the decision to stop buying natural gas and transition her home to 100% renewable electricity.  Her solar array produces the majority of her electricity and the rest is purchased via the grid from a local solar supplier, Community Energy. The contractors Judy worked with will be present to answer your questions. The tour will show the solar array, electric heat pump, high-efficiency electric water heater and induction store top.  Beer and pretzels will be served.

Contractors at the Open House: 

Micah Gold-Markel, owner, Solar States – solar installer

Kenny Grono, owner, Buckminister Green – green general contractor

Chris Wilson, Unique Indoor Comfort Heating & Cooling – heat pump and water heater

Robert Monk, electrician for induction stove top and upcoming electric vehicle charger

Amy Failing, Community Energy – a locally-owned solar supplier of renewable energy to the grid



Judy Wicks at Beautiful Business